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When you make a mistake, how do you handle it?

One area of life that popped-up the other day concerned the making of a "social" mistake - in this case a medium sized faux-pas, but unintended none-the-less.

Mock Angry

Vodafone ruined my golf game

A while ago Vodafone’s poor customer service really got to me. The details aren’t relevant here but the litany of tedious business process built-to-solve-the-wrong-problem-really-well piled frustration onto frustration until boom! I “lost it”.


Are you prepared to allow your people to shine?

The process of helping others develop and realise their potential has always been a passion of mine and it’s the focus of our business. Each journey with a client is energising, fulfilling and a fascinating process, not only to be part of, but to observe. The potential business impact is obvious: letting your stars really shine as well as creating the future stars.

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