Effective leaders engage with their people, understanding how to tap into their talents and support their growth to inspire loyalty and sustained high performance.

I work top down to help today's senior leaders understand the leadership climate being created and whether this is supporting or inhibiting the performance of those around them. Then I work bottom up to raise awareness of what makes the potential leaders of tomorrow 'tick' so that their potential can be realised.


Underpinning my approach is the development of a common mind-set, based on positive regard and authenticity, which enables individuals, leaders and teams to be clear about who they are (their traits and strengths), what’s important to them and how they can use this awareness to facilitate sustained higher performance in themselves and others.

Coaching and Me

What you can expect? 

I am passionate about working with change and people, particularly leaders, to help my clients be the best they can be but also to enable them to create an environment where those around them can thrive in the workplace. Developing emotional intelligence is at the heart of my approach. I believe this is the key to effective communication, collaboration, team work and ultimately leadership – creating a climate that encourages and enables high performance.

I help clients understand themselves, to think differently about their challenges and opportunities, and to develop the belief to take action to achieve their goals. The connection I enjoy with them is founded on trust, openness and enjoyment. Change and learning can feel serious and difficult, but it can and should also be fun!

What’s important to me?  

Honesty, empathy, authenticity and responsibility. I pride myself on the trusting and confidential relationships I develop with my clients. I also believe it’s important to be yourself and for me this means being clear, honest but respectful with my clients – to coin Mary Beth O’Neill’s phrase, I like to coach with “backbone and heart”. Responsibility is also vital in enabling successful coaching outcomes as improvement and change require ownership and action to be effective.

Why work with me? 

  • I come to coaching having worked in Director level roles for over 20 years and with a track record of successfully leading organisational change and delivering improved business performance. A fundamental part of why and how I coach is borne out of this experience. I have personally experienced the highs and the lows of leading, the collective sense of achievement vs the personal isolation, and learned how my attitudes have influenced my behaviour and the performance of those around me. I believe this makes me a more effective coach with a genuine empathy for my clients and a pragmatic approach to working with them to maximise their potential.

    My clients value my relaxed coaching style which they say provides the right balance of support, challenge, feedback and the space for them to think. I strongly believe this environment and a client’s courage to explore their challenges, provides unlimited possibilities for self-discovery and personal growth.

    I am an EMCC accredited coach at Practitioner level and subscribe to the EMCC's Code of Ethics (see www.emccouncil.org).


    Amanda Green

    07976 613 553

  • What My Clients Say

    “Working with Amanda has enabled me to assess my impact on the team and has also helped the group come together and begin to realise a potential that is greater than the sum of the parts. She has challenged us individually and as a team and helped us to develop actionable plans that are already delivering tangible results. Her experience and manner helps create a safe environment in which to explore and unblock some of the questions that hold back team and personal development – thank you!”

    Mike, CTO

    “As a senior executive it is sometimes necessary to find a safe place to think and question your way through issues, options and solutions. Amanda’s experience of operating at senior level adds credibility and value to her coaching skills; she questions, challenges and helps unlock and unblock the answers.”

    Jo, CEO

    “...a professional, yet relaxed, manner with clients, Amanda is credible with leaders in the corporate world given her deep leadership and change experience. I want to work with coaches who can bring practical experience to the table too. I have enjoyed working with Amanda and would recommend her services to my contacts.”

    Matt, Director

    “Amanda provided the right balance between support and challenge to help me work through a significant professional challenge. She asked the right questions, used tools effectively and challenged my assumptions. It didn’t take long to get my confidence back on track which enabled the focus to shift from addressing a specific challenge to my wider personal growth. Our sessions were enjoyable and thought provoking and I always left them energised and with clear actions to take.”

    Emma, Deputy Director

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