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29 June 2016

When you make a mistake, how do you handle it?

One area of life that popped-up the other day concerned the making of a "social" mistake - in this case a medium sized faux-pas, but unintended none-the-less.


5 May 2016

Vodafone ruined my golf game

A while ago Vodafone’s poor customer service really got to me. The details aren’t relevant here but the litany of tedious business process built-to-solve-the-wrong-problem-really-well piled frustration onto frustration until boom! I “lost it”.


8 April 2016

Are you prepared to allow your people to shine?

The process of helping others develop and realise their potential has always been a passion of mine and it’s the focus of our business. Each journey with a client is energising, fulfilling and a fascinating process, not only to be part of, but to observe. The potential business impact is obvious: letting your stars really shine as well as creating the future stars.


25 February 2016

Did you see that angry Dinosaur?

I was recently sat in a hotel lounge, waiting for my client and thinking through the up-coming discussion about their Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP).


23 October 2015

Show us your true-colours

You sit down, sweaty palms, tense neck and your new boss starts with “now, tell me a bit about yourself”. So you begin to give the answer you prepared last night because it’s more than likely you were going be asked in the first place.


7 August 2015

Liberate your conquered heroes. Here’s how.

We are all different but ironically all the same in many ways. Each of us is dealt a different hand in life, but we all face similar questions when it comes to human behavior:


24 July 2015

Unclear strategies or mindless idiots?

We’ve lost count of the number of business leaders who have told us how their strategy isn’t working because it’s not being implemented properly.


12 July 2015

Yes it’s the People stupid, but you need to look closer, much closer

Businesses are essentially people and so it follows that people are essential to business; whether we employ them, partner with them or sell to them.


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