8 April 2016

Are you prepared to allow your people to shine?

The process of helping others develop and realise their potential has always been a passion of mine and it’s the focus of our business. Each journey with a client is energising, fulfilling and a fascinating process, not only to be part of, but to observe. The potential business impact is obvious: letting your stars really shine as well as creating the future stars.

But there can be hidden costs too and as the leader developing your team, you can be the unwitting cause of wastage. It is in this context that every now and then I come across a manager who I sense may not quite be ready for the journey they are about to embark on.

Why do I say this?

Wanting or needing to develop your people is one thing, but effectively facilitating the process to maximise the opportunity for both individuals and the organisation is another thing entirely.

By all means use a professional trainer or coach to do the job but you as the catalyst for change have a crucial part to play. Where we’re talking about deep behavioural change, how the manager behaves and responds during the process can have a significant effect on the outcome. It can be the difference between newly enlightened employees wanting to stay with an organisation or wanting to leave it.

The point is this - if you’re thinking about developing your people, you need to prepare yourself as well as your team for what lies ahead.

Follow this 5 Point Plan and you’ll make a highly significant contribution:

  1. At the outset be clear about your goals and outcomes. Transparency and honesty between line manager and direct report is important in normal circumstances. But in a change process like this, a shared understanding of expectations is vital – where you are both starting from, where you want to get to and why it’s important.
  2. Be realistic about the timeframe involved. The program goes beyond the initial coaching activity because the embedding of behavioural change really gains traction afterwards. These things don’t happen overnight but are a process of personal realisation, new understanding and then practise, practice and more practice. It takes time to forge new habits
  3. Be prepared for some bumps in the road. Maybe even the odd “flat tyre”! The road to personal transformation isn’t always smooth but with strong support, encouragement and constructive feedback from you, your people can ride-out those bumps and keep moving forwards.
  4. Avoid being a back seat driver. Let go a little, trust the process and allow your people to grow as they develop new ways of working and being. This is an enlightening time for them but may be un-settling for you as they begin behave in new ways. Use your own emotional intelligence to notice this and respond in a considered and positive way.
  5. Feedback to your team. Don’t forget to check in with yourself along the journey. Tap into your thoughts and feelings regularly and share them with the team. Feeding back the positive changes you are seeing and the difference they’re making will make a massive difference in ensuring changes stick.

With the right mind-set and preparation developing your people can only bring rewards for both, but you have to be prepared to be personally tested along the way too. This way, you’ll get maximum value from your investment in Amplifying the Human Ability in your team.

To find out more about our Team_AMP and Leader_AMP programs and how they can help your people shine contact us now.

Amanda Green

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