12 July 2015

Yes it’s the People stupid, but you need to look closer, much closer

Businesses are essentially people and so it follows that people are essential to business; whether we employ them, partner with them or sell to them.

Not a new concept, I think you'll agree.

So why is it that we pay most attention to process, rules, policies and achieving targets but less on all aspects of business that are people focused? I don’t mean the usual stuff like pay and conditions, job descriptions and management appraisals.  I’m referring to the individual – the real person - and their emotions, aspirations, hopes and fears.

All of us have been or will be selected several times for a job during our working lives, but how many times do we feel we’re in the right work-place? A work place that meets our psychological needs as well as our financial or security needs?

Standard selection practices focus on qualifications, skills, experiences and knowledge as the way to match individuals to an intelligently (hopefully) written job description. The goal is to get “the right fit” for both parties. We even generate personal profiles using psychometric tests of various types which have some value in the process. But how do we really know what we’re getting when we take that killer job or hire that perfect candidate? How do we get the most out of them and they, the most out of us over the course of the business relationship?

The opportunity for improving business performance and sustaining it must be to get the best out of the each of the people – the real human beings - involved in the enterprise.

Why? Because businesses are essentially people.

How? By embedding the psychology of accomplishment.

Our belief is that to improve the chances of better individual, team and corporate performance we need to understand (really understand) two things:

  1. The well-being of the person is intimately linked to the well-being of the collective and therefore the overall performance of the enterprise – top to bottom.
  2. As managers and leaders we therefore need to be highly aware – emotionally intelligent - precisely because all individuals are different.

Understanding how each personality fits together, what motivates them to contribute and aligning this intelligence  to the vision – the declaration of intent  – for the enterprise will offer significant opportunities for high performance.

Once the personality landscape has been mapped out across the leadership team, key managers and business champions (the backbone of a business), it becomes a whole lot easier to do two things:

  1. Coach them to embed the right behaviours into their daily lives that get the best out of the personalities around them and
  2. To slot-in new, fresh talent as it’s needed to continue.

This psychology of accomplishment is something we weave into the fabric of every company we engage with, from individual Emotional Intelligence Profiles to Leadership Climate Indicators, we bring decades of experience and a suite of specialist services aimed at motivating tired and change weary people. We look at individual personal profiles and the unique personality blends that make up highly effective and efficient teams.

The Thomas Green Team

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