Business performance is inextricably linked to people.....

.... yet many companies are still not prioritising the development of their future leaders today to ensure they can sustain performance tomorrow

The work I do with organisations increases understanding of the leadership climate and landscape so that targeted, effective solutions can be implemented to develop people and teams to meet the future needs of the business.

My programmes start by gaining valuable insight using a combination of 360 feedback, team assessessment and personal profiling tools. These inform where we will focus, the outcomes you want to achieve and the type of support required, be that 1:1 or team coaching, facilitated workshops, structured development programmes or a bespoke programme that combines these.

All of these are designed to increase self awareness, engagement and effectiveness and have leadership at their heart - whether that's personal leadership, team leadership or organisational leadership.

My programmes help individuals and teams understand how they 'show up', the impact they have on others through the climate they create and also teach the skills necessary to sustain the highest performance by developing and empowering those around them.

Here are some of the programmes that underpin the work I do for clients:


Developing Organisations


From Surviving to Thriving

For senior leadership team and leaders who want to understand and cultivate a leadership climate focused on growth.

Uses a Leadership Climate Indicator (LCI) to gather 360o feedback combined with facilitated workshop activity and personal coaching to help leaders build growth environments which inspire and engage through trust, clear direction, shared learning and high challenge and support.

To run a Leadership Climate Indicator please contact us now.

  • Explores leadership style and impact
  • Provides visibility of the leadership climate being created, by a team and its individual members, and the impact this is having on performance, engagement and well-being.
  • Provides a baseline for kicking off a change programme, identifying where leadership development activity needs to be targeted to have most impact
  • Embeds new leadership behaviours to foster a climate where others can grow and thrive.



Developing Teams


The Effective Team

For teams that want to improve their collective performance and become more cohesive.

Every individual brings to work their potential; their competencies, traits, physical self plus a set of beliefs and attitudes. This programme helps teams understand how to harness these personal attributes to promote higher team performance whilst also teaching the five disciplines required for effective teamwork: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and a collective results focus.

We generate simple but powerful personal profiles to help individuals understand how to get the best out of themselves and others. 


  • Builds trust, awareness and understanding of individual qualities, enabling team members to harness these to be more than the sum of the parts.
  • Improves engagement through more accurate communication.
  • Enhances effectiveness by creating a sense of collective purpose, with shared ownership and accountability, and a focus on collective results.

Developing Talent


Liberating Leadership

For leadership teams, groups or individual leaders who want to develop the mindset and skills to drive higher performance in others and free themselves up to be more strategic.

Combines self assessment, to understand underlying beliefs and leadership style, with structured workshop modules where these are explored and developed.

Follow on coaching also utilises Emotional Intelligence profiles to embed new thinking and behaviours.



  • Develop the mind-set required for leading and developing high performance in others.
  • Understand your underlying beliefs and attitudes and how these show up in terms of behaviours.
  • Learn the process of leadership and build the vital skills needed to deliver significant improvements in your people and bottom line performance.

The work I do on a 1:1 basis with clients is an essential part of their development journey ensuring that new learning is embedded and can be sustained. Areas of specific focus include:

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